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gonna try put some stuff on EBAY

lemme know if you think this is a good idea or not 


bay yyY

click here forbits



would people be interested in using real lfe human money to purchase the originals of these? 

if so, for how much?

27 things. all a4 on sugar paper. 

what think you?


coops and his squad hatching a plan in the woods

you say woods we say coops

woods coops woods coops

THINGS are good to have it would be cool to buy things

emtry 60 - “please draw a family of people on a tandem bike but like a whole family from old people to babies etc and they are cycling to the moon xxxxx” -lucy ketchin

heyoooo here is a bag fam on their way to elsewhere than where they presently are, most likely the moon although they will be sad to hear that their destination is unachieveable with their current mode of transport and their attire is all wrong. 

just wanted something to draw, havin a think to figure out what happens to marge only time will tell 



first person to make a request gets 12 dollars

not really but you probs will get your request done today and you will probably find a coin on your way home

entry 59 - “A Battle Royale involving Diana Monkeys please. XXXXX” - David Litchfield

silly old marj finished this piece 5 months ago and for many strange reasons it was never posted which is real upsetting because it was such a joy to make and is one of marjorys favourite requests because it is fun looking at monkeys in any type of human clothes 

thanks again 

marjory xxxxxx

entry 60 - “A mosh pit with really tall hipsters that dont know what they’re doing.” - Mari-Helene

one massive man getting confused at the situation hes found himself in is he massive or are the moshers really small im not sure all i know is that the slipknot S is an important part of peoples lives and is an essential graffiti tool long live slipknot s  


entry 59 - “a massive pigeon attacking an old lady as she swims silently along the river nile with her crocodile - loads of love from hurburt” 

attacks can be physical and mental and verbal youve got to be careful what you say to people one minute she was on a nice relaxing croc ride the next her holiday is ruined all because of one big naughty pigeon


entry 58 - “draw a bear eating cheese or a bear on a trapeze please?” - anonz

beware of the bear eating cheese theyre dangerous


entry 57 - “How would Marjory do in the world of internet dating?” - jenny lovlie

hi jenny marge does great in the world of internet dating mainly because she poses as a 22 year old babe with fine legs and no moustache in real life things are very different shes a bit saggy and definitely has the start of a very prominent moustache but shes so raunchy it doesnt really matter

sorry for the late reply she was busy being whisked off her feet by handsome lads that she met on the internet all summer typical marge

have a great day


entry 56 - “bigfoot as baphomet, all hail bigfoot.” - pizzagirl

pagan deity and gun finger god baphomet, dancefloors wouldnt be the same without him god bless bigfoot baphomet